Pricing Options
Access to NAPLearn is via paid subscription with reduced price per month for longer subscription periods. We offer the following subscription options:

1 month for $9 AUD
3 months for $19 AUD
12 months for $49 AUD

* Prices above are in Australian Dollars


Grading Algorithms
The NAPLearn grading algorithms were originally developed at an Australian university by a team of PHD students. These algorithms have been licensed by Rembiont and subsequently enhanced for use in NAPLearn.

NAPLearn uses proprietary Natural Language Processing techniques to grade your essays. Within the system, NAPLearn can detect events in an essay to help understand what a student is writing about. We then use this information to assign scores for the various criteria.
Grading Accuracy
NAPLearn is designed to be used as an essay practice site and estimated grades are intended as a guide only. Due to many factors, different results may be obtained in actual test conditions.

Although the scores provided by NAPLearn may not be the same as the scores that the essay will be awarded from an actual NAPLAN test, in most cases they will be similar. On various tests involving hundreds of essays the Rembiont Grading Engine had a correlation of around 80% with human markers, which is similar to the correlation between different human markers grading the same essays.

The highest variances in scores are found at the lowest decile and the highest decile of the score ranges. For instance, our technology is limited in recognising clever use of rhetorical devices which would be clearly apparent to a human grader. Instead, we make use of "proxies" to help determine scores. Proxies are metrics which tend to correlate with the quality of the essay.

In summary, we do not claim that NAPLearn grades as well as a teacher would do. However NAPLearn will return indicative grades very quickly, in seconds rather than the hours or days involved when a teacher grades your work.
Grading Criteria
NAPLearn analyses essays using the following criteria:

Audience - The writer's capacity to orient, engage and affect the reader

Ideas - The creation, selection and crafting of ideas for a narrative

Cohesion - The control of multiple threads and relationships over the whole text, achieved through the use of referring words, substitutions, word associations and text connectives

Character and setting - Character: The portrayal and development of character, Setting: The development of a sense of place, time and atmosphere

Sentence structure - The production of grammatically correct, structurally sound and meaningful sentences

Paragraphing - The segmenting of text into paragraphs that assists the reader to negotiate the narrative

Spelling - The accuracy of spelling and the difficulty of the words used


Getting Help
If you need help with the NAPLearn site, or just have a question or some feeback, please send us a message via the Contact Us page.
Supported Browsers
NAPLearn supports all common modern browser versions including Chrome version 78 and above, Microsoft Edge version 44 and above and Safari version 13 and above.